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DES Coaching was founded on the principles of helping the individual or company achieve their goals, their vision and grow in an effective long term process. As a professional you should understand where you are currently and define where you want to go. It may seem like a straight line to get there but along the way you will meet many obstacles and veer off the path. It is our job to get you back on  your path, heading towards your goal with a renewed commitment, clear objectives with a road map to success!

  • An initial consultation allows you and the coach to define a clear direction based on your current situation, your goals and your time line.
  • Every session will result in a clear list of action steps that are mutually agreed to by the client and their coach. These items will be tied to goals and are straight forward, enabling the client to measure their progress.
  • Sessions will address the goals, actions steps and progress. Often during sessions the client and coach review what has been accomplished, what has not and why. This is really where the coaching comes into play. Finding out what has held you back from accomplishing tasks and then addressing these items is what helps you make those behavioral changes that may have alluded you before. These changes go with you going forward becoming best practices and habits.
  • The sessions with your coach should be scheduled at a recurring time.
  • You will have access to your coach in between sessions via cell phone, email and text which will help prevent you from getting “stuck”, keeping your progress on track is the priority. Never hesitate to contact your coach with questions. We can empower you to get the results you want and help you with any situation that may be preventing your progress.
  • We can handle any situation from sales, management, hiring and training, conflict management, sales training for groups and speaking at company functions. Inquire today and see what we can do. (805)701-8508,

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