A discipline is simply something we start and follow in order to correct mold and perfect our environment.

Percentage Change Chart

I want the 95% don't you? Contact a coach today to find out some simple steps to creating the change you need today in order to make your life better tomorrow!

When a person says . . .
Change (%)
Says, "That's a good idea."
Commits, "I'll do it."
Says when they will do it
Plans how to do it
Commits to someone else
So many people find that their day gets away from them because of the little things that interfere with what we should be doing, a lack of focus or a practice of procrastination.

How do you stop this? There are many ways to start to create positive change in getting everything you need to do done!

First you need a plan. That is where your very own daily disciplines sheet comes in use. On the sheet you fill out those things that MUST be done every day. Next you fill out those things that need to be done less often or that day. Now you have the beginning of the list for your daily tasks.

Some people figure out right away what they need to get done and others need some help. We have coached hundreds of folks on how to not only effectively set up their own list of daily disciplines but also how to keep on track through out the day. Procrastination is a habit and habits can be changed.

Keep in mind what they discovered in a 1993 Brigham Young study on change: * The chances of change actually occurring can be incorporated into ones life in various scenarios.