Stephanie York

Stephanie has been coaching mortgage professionals since 2006. She started DES Coaching, "Don't Ever Stop" in 2008 to continue the work her company Loan Toolbox, started. She has an undergrad in Marketing and a Masters in Organizational Leadership. She specializes in Transformational Leadership coaching. That means a focus on the client, their particular needs, goals and opportunities and how she can help them "transform" into a better version of themselves, the one they want to be, need to be. Stephanie also loves racing sailboats on the water and is always looking for new ways to challenge herself. Below are pictures from the R2AK race in 2017 and the LEMWOD race in Long Beach California.

A true coach should transform you into what you want and need to be. Learning skills to be a leader, marketer and success is what coaching is all about. The focus should always be on you, your success.

Proven Transformational Coaching


Initial Consultation

An initial consultation allows you and the coach to define a clear direction based on your current situation, your goals, your personality and your time line.


Accountability Partnership

Every session will result in a clear list of action steps that are mutually agreed to by the client and their coach. These items will be tied to goals and are straight forward, enabling the client to measure their progress.


Goals, Actions, Progress

Sessions will address the goals, actions steps and progress. Finding out what has held you back from accomplishing tasks and then addressing these items is what helps you make those behavioral changes that may have alluded you before.


Proven Success

With access to your coach via email, phone and text you will succeed. Check out our testimonials to hear what others have to say.