Free Resources

Here are some tools to help you create your own coaching pattern for yourself or your team. This is basic goal/plan/action development. For help making it specific to you just contact us.

Leadership Worksheet

Who are you following? What/who is teaching you leadership skills and new ideas? Use this sheet to analyze where you are spending your time and how you are learning and growing. Just Click Below.

Why Worksheet

Use this Why Worksheet to ensure you know with laser focus why you are willing to work harder, smarter and with determination. Not having a why means you may not be pushing yourself to get through roadblocks or have enough motivation to achieve your goals. A powerful WHY can make all the difference. Just Click Below.

Volume Goals Worksheet

Here is an excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate how many leads you need to make in order to reach your desired level of income. It is very useful when working on your goals. If you don't know how much you want to make or how many leads you need it is much harder to work on the business plan and develop the action steps to get you there. Just Click Below.

SMART Goals Worksheet

This is a worksheet to help teach you how to create smart goals. SMART goals are used in academia and professional organizations to ensure good goal building. This sheet teaches you what that acronym means and how to use it for your own goals. This is a great first step towards creating the business plan and eventually making specific action steps to help you achieve the goals and be more successful. Just Click Below.

Business Plan Worksheet

Here is the business plan form for you to use with your goals worksheet. Once you have the goals ready to go add them to your business plan sheet. This will help you break them down so we can build action steps for you to follow and achieve the plan. Just Click Below.

Action Steps Development Worksheet

This is one of the most critical parts of the Business Planning process. Once you have goals you develop a plan and then you move onto the specific detailed steps you must take in order to make that plan become successful. This is the most important sheet to focus on. Just Click Below.

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